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Root Barrier Installation

Root Barrier Design and Installation Service

Tree root barriers are a potential alternative option to tree removals and engineered solutions in subsidence damage claims. They usually offer considerable cost advantages relative to underpinning allowing problem trees to be retained resulting in significant amenity, environmental and ecological benefits.  However, root barriers are not always viable in urban and suburban situations.  Consideration needs to be given to the ongoing structural stability of the affected building together with the future health and stability of retained trees, requiring expert arboricultural advice.

We have many years of proven expertise and experience in installing root barriers of varying lengths and depths in a wide variety of often challenging situations.  Each project is based on individual site appraisal with bespoke design, specification and method statements being drafted accordingly.

  • Site specific design
  • Full project management including stakeholder negotiations
  • Highly efficient mitigation with minimal home owner disruption
  • A highly cost effective alternative to traditional engineered solutions
  • Amenity, environmental and ecological benefits


The work was carried out smoothly according to MWA’s timetable with delivery of equipment according to plan and without delays. Fencing, stonework, lawn and garden shrubs were carefully protected and all restored to their original state on completion of the work.

Mrs Sandor – Essex