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Root Identification

Tree Root Damage to Buildings – Root Identification & DNA Tests

Tree root damage to buildings is a serious issue in parts of the UK. We can provide root identification services to commercial and private clients through our own laboratory.  We work for insurers, loss adjusters, engineers, local authorities, the arboricultural and landscape industries, land and asset managers and individual property owners.

There are a number of situations where the identification of roots is required including subsidence damage claims and damage by roots to hard surfaces and light structures (paving, tarmac, walls etc.)

Roots should be stored in paper bags (do not use plastic bags or clingfilm) and should preferably be at least 1mm in diameter (although smaller roots maybe suitable for identification)

DNA Root Testing

Where there is more than one species of tree on a site, DNA testing of roots can potentially identify which tree identified roots originate from.  However, differentiating between roots and individual trees is not possible where trees are cloned, have grown from suckers or are grafted.

We can provide expert advice prior to sampling so that the cost of inappropriate tests can be avoided.

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Root Identification & DNA Tests

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